Untitled #6 

An intake to your death

It all starts with one breath

A surrender you don’t need

A hunger you must feed

Once so weak and yet so strong

Not knowing where it all went wrong

One last hit is what you say

Urge in your mind all night and day

Holding that cigarette up to your mouth

Not thinking twice without a doubt

A single drag you take inside

Can cloud your mind can leave you blind

That cough that you hold back

All lost and out of track

That tar that’s in your lungs

That bad breath that’s on your tongue

You try to hide but we can see

The desperate shout not to be free

Addictive drug that you must feed

Killing away all you could be

Cancerous tumor in your throat

They say you’ll die you say you wont

All the denial in your mind

Don’t think one drag will kill your time

Neglecting friends who praise your life

Thinking that drug stands by your side

All that bad influence you send

To innocent family and friends

& all those people you don’t know

They suffer with you when you smoke

That little child so depressed

Just found a way to take off stress

That little boy right by your side

Just found a secret he can hide

That single mother with low pay

Now knows the pain can go away

The old widow with a sigh

Can now forget by getting high

That lonely girl with no friends

Just made that drug her only friend

The little things that you don’t see

All for addiction and your greed

Now spreads to others with no sin

Now feeds the devils evil grin

Why can’t you see what you do wrong

You can be free you can be strong

Get over pain that you have felt

With the right mentality and help

Don’t need the urge don’t need the high

Don’t need the smoke to win the fight

Because with more drugs you take like food

You’ll end up eating through a tube

Deadly drugs that runs your mind

Kills many yearly worldwide

Just take a breath start over new

& think twice for what you do

Refresh your life your attitude

Because in the end it starts with you

Untitled #5

Sweetest sin don’t take over

Won’t take much longer till it’s over

It’s what i hope please don’t mistake

It’s not the life that we awake to

Every morning hope it’s easy

Wake up to the sun and hope it’s breezy

We move on with happy lives

& on our backs we carry knives

Don’t look back just keep on walking

Ignore the shadow that keeps stalking

Because eventually it will leave

Keep your head up enjoy the breeze

& no matter how much it lets down

Know its worth something not a frown

& don’t hurt know one with your pain

Just let the sadness fade away

Because one day sunshine will come

So never doubt the morning sun..




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(via theoddsofmylife)